Utah : 2012 United States Presidential Election

The United States of America Presidential election of 2012 in Utah was won by Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his nearest rival Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama by a victory margin of over 43%.

Utah is located in the Western United States. Minning , Tourism, Cattle ranching, Salt production are the major contributors to the state's economy. Forbes lists Utah as the best state to do business in USA in October 2010.

Utah 2012 Presidential Election Results

Utah 2012 Presidential Election Results

Election Analysis:

For US presidential election of 2012 , Utah , was considered to be a safe red ( Republican ) state . Republican party won in Utah for the past 5 presidential elections with big margins.

Utah has voted for the Republican Presidential Candidate in all the Presidential elections since 1968. Utah residents are more conservative than the rest of country. Mormons constitute a significant percentage of the Utah residents who tend to vote heavily Republican making the state a safe red state.
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Utah Previous Presidential Election Results

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Political situation in Utah in the Year 2012:

  • Utah unemployment rate stands at 5.8% far less than the national average of 8.1% as of August 2012.
  • Forbes rates Utah best state to do Business in Oct 2010.
  • Mitt Romney member of Later Day Saints church wins the Republican Presidential nomination for 2012 US Presidential election.
  • Utah enjoys AAA credit rating.
  • Population by Race in Utah : Year 2010

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