Arkansas : 2012 United States Presidential Election

The United States of America Presidential election of 2012 in Arkansas , was won by Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his nearest rival Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama by a victory margin of over 23%.

Arkansas, is located in the Southern part of United States. Walmart, world's top retailer, is based in Arkansas.

Arkansas 2012 Presidential Election Results :

Arkansas 2012 United States Presidential Election Results
Election Analysis:

For US presidential election of 2012 , Arkansas , was considered to be a safe red ( Republican ) state. Republican party won last three of the five presidential elections in the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas is part of the Bible belt with protestants as the major part of its population. Republican party won the state in the 2008 presidential election with over 19% margin

Arkansas Previous Presidential Election Results

Arkansas presidential election results history

Major Political Events in Arkansas:

1. Hillary Rodham Clinton edged out by Barack Obama in the 2008 US presidential election primaries
2. Arkansas seceded from the Union and joined Confederate forces in 1861 during Civil War.

Population by Race in Arkansas : Year 2011

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