New Hampshire : 2012 United States Presidential Election

The United States of America Presidential election of 2012 in New Hampshire was won by Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama over his nearest rival Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney by a victory margin of over 4%.

New Hampshire is located in the Northeastern part of the United States. It is one of the thirteen colonies that founded the United States of America.

New Hampshire 2012 Presidential Election Results

New Hampshire 2012 Presidential Election Results

Election Analysis:

For US presidential election of 2012 , New Hampshire , was considered to be a toss up state . Democratic party won in New Hampshire in 3 of the past 5 presidential elections.

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New Hampshire Previous Presidential Election Results

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Political situation in New Hampshire in the Year 2012:

1. New Hampshire unemployment stands at 5.7 percent compared to the national average of 8.1% as of August 2012.
2. Republican support surged in the 2010 elections in the state and the party controls both the chambers of legislation.
3. 13 out of the 24 of the State Senators where Women making it the first legislative body with Women majority in the entire United States.

Population by Race in New Hampshire : Year 2010

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