Georgia : 2012 United States Presidential Election

The US presidential election of 2012 in Georgia , was won by Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his nearest rival Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama by a victory margin of over 8%.

Georgia, the southeastern state of USA , is one of the original thirteen colonies who fought against Great Britain for American Independence. Georgia was also one of the Confederate states who fought against the Union in the American Civil War. Many notable companies including AT&T, Home Depot, UPS, Coca Cola are headquartered in the state. The state is also the largest producer of pecans in the world.

Georgia 2012 Presidential Election Results :

Georgia 2012 United States Presidential Election Results
Election Analysis:

For US presidential election of 2012 , Georgia , was considered to be a leaning Republican state . Republican party won in Georgia in 4 of the past 5 presidential elections.

Georgia voted mostly Republican from the 1960's. White voters around the Atlanta suburbs and rural Georgia tend to vote heavily Republican, giving big advantage for the Republican party in the state. A sizable population of Georgia, about 31% are blacks who tend to vote heavily Democratic.

Georgia Previous Presidential Election Results

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Political situation in Georgia in the Year 2012:

1. Newt Gingrich drops off the Republican Presidential candidate primary race after poor showing and endorses Mitt Romney .
2. Unemployment rate in Georgia stands at 9.2% compared to national average of 8.1%.
3. Georgia enjoy's one of the best credit ratings in the country.
4. Republican party controls the State House of Representatives, State Senate and Governorship.

Population by Race in Georgia : Year 2010

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