Idaho : 2012 United States Presidential Election

The United States of America Presidential election of 2012 in Idaho , was won by Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his nearest rival Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama by a victory margin of over 21%.

Idaho is located in the Northwestern region of the USA. It is famous for its Potatoes and Gemstones. Idaho is an agricultural state and also has food processing, paper, lumber, chemical and mining industries.

Idaho 2012 Presidential Election Results :

Idaho 2012 United States Presidential Election Results
Election Analysis:

For US presidential election of 2012 , Idaho , was considered to be a safe Red ( Republican ) state . Republican party won in Idaho for the past 5 presidential elections with big margins.

Idaho population consists of 94% white. It has been a Republican strong hold from the 1960's.

Idaho Previous Presidential Election Results

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Political situation in Idaho in the Year 2012:

1. Idaho unemployment rate stands at 7.4% compared to national average of 8.1%.
2. Idaho has limited debt.
3. Idaho's has one of the good credit ratings among the states of USA.

Population by Race in Idaho : Year 2010

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