United States Presidential Election 2012

In the US presidential election of 2012, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama retained his Presidency by edging out Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by about 2% votes.

Miserable US economy, inflation stoking measures by the Federal Reserve, lack of competitive knowledge about Economics, mounting US debt stood in the way of Obama's reelection bid.

Brilliant foreign policy by the Obama's administration, stabilization of the US housing and stock markets helped Obama in the reelection bid.

2012 Presidential Election Electoral Map

US Presidential Elections

Election Results : 2012 United States Presidential Election

Political situation during election of 2012:

1. Osama Bin Laden shot dead by the US forces.
2. US debt crosses 16 trillion dollars.
3. Miserable US economy with high unemployment for four years.
4. US housing market stabilizes.

Toss Up States:

Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan

Population by Race for the United States : Year 2010

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Presidential Candidates for the Election of 2012 :

Biography of Mitt Romney ( Republican party presidential candidate ):

Birth: March 12 1947
Parents: Lenore and George W Romney, Governor of Michigan.
Education: MBA , Harvard University.
Career: Founding Member and CEO of Bain Capital, CEO of Salt Lake Organizing Committee for 2002 Winter Olympics.
Prior Govt Experience: Governor of Massachusetts.

Biography of Barack Obama ( Democratic party presidential candidate ):

Occupation: United States President.
Occupational Background: Community organizer, civil rights lawyer, and constitutional law teacher.
Educational Background: Graduated from Columbia and Harvard Law School.
Prior Govt Experience: Served for 4 years as United States President, 8 years as an Illinois state Senator.