Presidential Election of 2000

In the United States of America Presidential Election of 2000, Republican presidential candidate George W Bush won the election results with a victory margin of just 5 Electoral Votes. George W Bush trailed the popular vote by around 0.5%.
George W Bush capitalized on the Bill Clinton's sex scandal, bursting of the tech bubble to win the 2000 election by the narrowest margin.

2000 Presidential Election Results

George W BushRepublican Party
Al GoreDemocratic Party

2000 presidential election results

Political situation during election of 2000:

1. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Sex scandal breaks out.
2. US Economy starts its decline from its peak, after the bursting of the tech bubble.
3. US tech heavy stock market Nasdaq sinks.

Close States (margin<6%):

Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin

Population by Race for the United States : Year 2000

2000 united states race diversity

Presidential Candidates for the Election of 2000 :

Biography of George W Bush ( Republican presidential candidate ):

Occupation: Governor of Texas.
Occupational Background: F-102 Pilot,Texas Air National Guard; CEO,Bush Exploration; Senior Adviser to 1988 Bush Presidential Campaign; Managing General Partner, Texas Rangers Baseball Team Educational Background: Yale University, BA; Harvard University, M.BA .
Prior Governmental Experience: Governor of Texas

Biography of Al Gore ( Democratic presidential candidate ):

Occupation: Vice President of the United States
Occupational Background: Private,United States Army; Reporter, Nashville Tennesseean
Educational Background: B.A., Harvard University; Attended Vanderbilt Graduate School of Religion and Vanderbilt Law School.
Prior Governmental Experience: United States Congressman 1977-1985; United States Senator 1985-1993; Vice President Of the United States 1993-Present

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