Louisiana : 2012 United States Presidential Election

The United States of America Presidential election of 2012 in Louisiana was won by Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his nearest rival Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama by a victory margin of over 17%. .

Louisiana is located in the Southern USA bordering Texas. Its economy is dependent on Tourism, Oil and Natural Gas prodcution, agriculture. New Orleans is very well known for its cultural events. Louisiana was one of the worst hit states by the hurricane Katrina.

Louisiana 2012 Presidential Election Results

Louisiana USA 2012 Presidential Election Results

Election Analysis

For US presidential election of 2012 , Louisiana , was considered a safe red ( Republican ) state . Republican party won in Louisiana for the past 3 Presidential elections with big margins.

Louisiana has increasingly voted Republican in the last 3 Presidential elections. The state has 32.4 percent Black population. The fact that John McCain won the state in 2008 Presidential election with big margin made the state a safe Red state for 2012 Presidential election.

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Louisiana Previous Presidential Election Results

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Political situation in Louisiana in the Year 2012:

1. Louisiana had an uemployment rate of 7.6% compared to national average of 8.1% as of August 2012.
2. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is the first Indian American to be elected Governor.
3. Louisiana's economy stabilizes after being hard hit by Hurricane Katrina .
4. Republicans continue to outperform Democrats in the state.

Population by Race in Louisiana : Year 2010

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